2014 Pongal Kolam Designs Makara Sankranti Rangoli New

There are many types of 2014 Pongal Kolam designs. The Kolam mainly comprises dots and lines that assemble to form a meaningful design. Whereas the Kolam is drawn all over the year in most homes in South India, it is particularly important during Pongal.

Though the designs differ in various parts of India and is named by diverse names, the basic approach is general. The designs are geometric and proportioned.

The new year 2014 Kolam is much more than just an aesthetic art. It resembles happiness and prosperity.

The Sankranti Rath chariot is a general Pongal Kolam. The ropes of the rath are supposed to be had open till the next day when they are united from home to home to symbolize a collective wish to realize an uninterrupted cosmic cycle.

There are also line kolams, where there is the free hand drawing of lines to create a geometrical pattern. Dots are organized in a specific sequence and order and these dots are joined to make pictorial designs.

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