Latest Rail Fares of 1st 2nd Sleeper AC General Class Indian Trains

railwayPeople love for good service and never mind offered some extra bucks to travel but they ask and deserve quality service. Subsequently, the Railway Min also cleared that the fares will not be rised in Railway Budget 2013. The commuters are accepting to give extra money for better & latest technology.

The final across-the-board hike had occurred at the beginning of the millennium, while Nitish Kumar conducted the charge. The forming of a rail fare regulator is a material to de-politicize the tariff fixing. The fresh fare will be in effect from January 21 midnight 12.00 p.m. The panel hoped that the new train pricelist increase would also aid to serve the high cost bullet trains.

  • Delhi-Kolkata rail fares of Sleeper from Rs 438 0 paise increase to Rs 529 whereof in AC-3 it is from Rs 1219 to Rs 1371
  • 1st cl air condition train for ten ps per km
  • 20 naya paisas for sec classes ordinary non-suburban compartment
  • 3 p a km hike in 2nd class ord no-suburban train
  • 4p one kilo metre for a iind class mail express trains
  • Delhi-Mumbai train cost From Rs 214 to Rs 270 in slp class


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