BJP Pamphlets wish winning Modi “CM 2012 Sunset, PM 2014 Sunrise”

Gujarat_BJP_supporters_295By 10 am the vote counting in gujarat & himachal pradesh assembly election will settle after awaiting time.

This time in 2012 the hat-trick Narendra Modi getting elected for the third term.
Once again he will sworn in as Gujarat Chief Minister with bigger vote numbers.

Around 10.15 am this morning the vote count projections lead to show Narendra Modi taking 110 seats.

As we know last time he took 117 seats in 2007 so he hope for more than 117 seats else gets disappointed.

Parties underway for not new year 2013 rather than victory on the go for Narendra Modi from the supporters of BJP office in Ahmedabad distributing pamphlets with words

“This is the trailor, watch the film in 2014″
“CM in 2012, PM in 2014″

What Narendra Modi Mother has to say on this

The indian national stage seats Mr Modi even for a PM post as with the BJP supporters seeking a bigger role for him and projected him as the party’s candidate for a post of Prime Minister in 2014 general elections.

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