District Wise Phase 1 Gujarat Eleciton 2012 Status

With the phase one of Gujarat Election being casted here is the status like the 1st phase of 2012 guj election exercised on 13th Dec 2012 gained 70.75 percentage votes. It is a record break that in 3 hours nearly 18% of voters registered and by 1 in the afternoon it was 38% and at 3pm went on to 53% and at last at 70.75%
The total number of Constituencies casted in 1st phase was 87 in numbers with
48 seats in 7 dist saurashtra, 35 seats in seven districts of south gujarat and
1 districts of rural ahmedabad had 4 seats the sum number of voters in initial phase was 18186045 casted to elect 846 candidates.

About 21268 poll stations has set up for the I phase election of gujarat. Almost 99.65% electors had their electoral voter id cards received to vote in 25000 evm electoral voting machines with only 0.01% went faulty.
Only 2 villages of Junagadh & Surendranagar had poll boycott

Saurashtra region

District Name Rate
Porbandar 66.39
Amreli 67.21
Jamnagar 68.48
Bhavnagar 69.11
Junagadh 69.71
Surendranagar 69.79
Rajkot 71.01

Ahmedabad Rural

Name of District Rate
Ahmedabad Rural

South Gujarat Region

Vote of District Percentage
Dangs 68.76
Surat 69.58
Valsad 73.79
Bharuch 75.11
Navsari 75.59
Tapi 80.43
Narmada 82.21


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